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Music and Lyrics by Lori Robinson Distel
Book by 
Piper J. Distel
Based Upon the Novella by Charles Dickens 
Orchestrations by Sabatino Vacca 

Directed by Lori Robinson Distel and Piper J. Distel 
Musical Direction by Sabatino Vacca 
Choreography by Julian Lam 


Raise your skirt and bob your hair with this unique retelling of Charles Dickens' beloved holiday classic from Distel & Distel (A Nightingale Sang, Curiouser). 

Set in Depression-era Canada, this favourite with a twist follows the curmudgeonly Ebenezer Scrooge- a miserly businesswoman with a hatred for the holidays, and a troubled past that comes back to haunt her. Visited by three spirits, Scrooge is forced to confront her past and face her fu
ture, while looking at her life link-by-link. 

Complete with beloved characters and a score of toe-tapping new songs, MISS SCROOGE is a feminist re-telling of an old tale, sure to chase away the holiday humbugs! 

MISS SCROOGE is presented in partnership with Sabatino Vacca and members of The Cambridge Symphony Orchestra. 

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Friday, August 12th, 2022 from 6:00-9:00 pm 
Saturday, August 13th, 2022 from 1:00-4:00 pm 

Knox Presbyterian Church (132 Argyle St. Cambridge, Ontario.) 


Rehearsals will be held once a week on Saturdays from 1:00-5:00 pm starting in August. 
Rehearsals will then be held three times a week (Mondays from 6:00-9:00, Tuesdays from 6:00-9:00 and Saturdays from 1:00-5:00 pm) beginning in October. 
Rehearsals will be held at Knox Presbyterian Church (132 Argyle St. Cambridge, Ontario.) 
Rehearsals for MISS SCROOGE will not affect rehearsals or performances for GREASE.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27th - Move In to Theatre and Sitzprobe 
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28th - Que to Que 
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29th - Tech Dress Rehearsal
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30th - Full Dress Rehearsal 
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1st - Preview Performance at 7:00 pm 
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2nd - Opening Night at 7:00 pm 
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3rd - Performances at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm 
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4th - Performances at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm 


WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO AUDITION? Auditions are open for performers of all ages! We encourage full participation from actors of all backgrounds and experience levels. Members of the BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, as well as performers with special abilities, are encouraged to audition! 

WHAT SHOULD I PREPARE? Please prepare a song from a Broadway show. We ask that you please bring along a backing-track. A capella auditions will not be accepted.

CALLBACKS: Callbacks for specific roles may occur and will be by invitation only. 
If you don't receive a callback, don't worry! We will not be hosting callbacks for every role in the show. 

SHOW FEE: For those who are cast, there will be a show fee. This fee is yet to be determined by our Executive Board. This fee helps to cover the cost of venue rental, licensing, sets, costumes, props, insurance and so much more! It does not cover payments for employees. The show fee for MISS SCROOGE is $80. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: When you arrive at your audition, you will be greeted by members of our administration team who will ask that you fill out any necessary paperwork. They will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding the show/company. Please arrive ten to fifteen minutes before your scheduled audition slot. When you arrive in the audition room, you will be greeted by the Creative Team (Piper J. Distel and Lori Robinson Distel, Directors; Sabatino Vacca, Musical Director; Julian Lam, Choreographer, and Corina Dunn, P&P Co-Founder.) You will be asked to perform your song, and may be asked to read a scene from the show. You may also be asked to stay for a movement audition with Julian Lam. Movement Auditions will take place every half-hour, and will last roughly 10 minutes.


PLEASE NOTE: The roles of Ebenezer Scrooge and Marley's Ghost have already been cast. 

BOB CRATCHIT: (Masc. RANGE: Tenor. 35-45) 
The kindly, down-on-his-luck clerk of Ebenezer Scrooge. He cares deeply for his four young children- especially Tiny-, and will do anything for them. He is mourning the loss of his beloved wife, Emily. Bob approaches each day with optimism and a tenatious nature. 

THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: (Femme, RANGE: Mezzo-Soprano. 16+) 
The ethereal spirit who shows Scrooge visions of her past. Soft-spoken, though very knowledgeable. She can see through Scrooge's hardened exterior. 

The jolly, upbeat spirit who shows Scrooge visions of the present. Loud, brash- a typical Jazz Kid. 

NEPHEW FRED: (Masc, RANGE: Tenor. 18-25.) 
Scrooge's young nephew. An up-and-coming actor with a cheeky demeanor. He loves his aunt deeply, despite her reluctance to love him in return. 

GRANDMOTHER CRATCHIT: (Femme, RANGE: Non-Singing. 60-75.) 
Bob's no-nonsense mother, who comes to live with the family following Emily's death. Cold, proper and stuck in old ways.

HARRY: (Masc, RANGE: Tenor. 40-55.) 
Scrooge's lost love. The popular MC of local radio channel, 'HA

MARTY CRATCHIT: (Masc, RANGE: Tenor. 16-18.) 
Bob's eldest son. A parental figure in his own right, who cares for his siblings. Headstrong and determined. 

MRS. FEZZIWIG: (Femme, RANGE: Alto. 40-55.) 
The wife of Fezziwig. The best hostess around, who throws lavish parties. A loud, outspoken and friendly woman who encourages the other women to 'leave that man behind.' 

FEZZIWIG: (Masc, RANGE: Non-Singing. 50-65.) 
Scrooge's boss. A fast-talking swindler with less than wholesome ideas. 

CLARA: (Femme, RANGE: Mezzo-Soprano. 18-25.) 
Fred's young wife. Fiery, upbeat. The family breadwinner. A modern woman through-and-through. 

EMILY CRATCHIT: (Femme, RANGE: Soprano. 30-35.) 
Bob's wife, who often appears to him. A kind-hearted, gentle soul. 

TOM: (Masc, RANGE: Tenor/Baritone. 18-25.) 
Scrooge's first love. The man her parents insist she marry. Tom is conceited and a bit needy. He insists that he is exactly like movie star Rudolph Valentino. He is nothing like Rudolph Valentino. 

DICK: (Masc, RANGE: Baritone. 20-30.) 
Scrooge's second love, whom she meets while working at Fezziwig's. A misogynist who insists that 'she'll do the cooking.' 

YOUNG HARRY: (Masc, RANGE: Tenor. 20-30.) 
Scrooge's true love. A gentle, understanding man who admires her intelligence and tenacity. Due to a misunderstanding, they part on bad terms. Both Scrooge and Harry still yearn for what they once had. 

FAN: (Femme, RANGE: Mezzo-Soprano. 18-25.) 
Scrooge's older sister. As a young woman, Fan is her sole supporter. She dies in childbirth. 

MOTHER SCROOGE: (Femme, RANGE: Soprano. 40-55.) 
Scrooge's prim and proper mother, who runs the church sewing circle. The 'ideal housewife' who intends for her daughters to follow in her footsteps. She doesn't understand Scrooge's reluctance. 

FATHER SCROOGE: (Masc, RANGE: Baritone. 40-55.) 
Scrooge's rough and ready father. A low-class farmer, who desperately wanted a son. 

Two representatives from The Salvation Army, who come to Scrooge's office requesting donations. Sugary-sweet. 

OLD JOE: (Masc, RANGE: Baritone. 30+) 
A pawnbroker from the rough side of town. 

ENSEMBLE: (Any, RANGE: Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass. 16+) 
Townsfolk, partygoers, wandering spirits. 

DANCE ENSEMBLE: (Any, RANGE: Non-Singing, 16+) 


GIRL SCROOGE: (Femme, RANGE: Soprano. 10-12) 
Ebenezer Scrooge as a young girl. She is intelligent, headstrong with a sharp wit. A girl ahead of her time. 

TINY CRATCHIT (Femme, RANGE: Soprano. 4-8.) 
Bob Cratchit's youngest child. She is frail, but her spirit is bright. She is the light of the Cratchits lives. She greatly admires Scrooge, and wants to be just like her. 
- Although the role of TINY is open to performers of all abilities, we strive for proper representation. We highly encourage auditions from young performers with special abilities. 

PETER CRATCHIT (Masc/Femme, RANGE: Tenor/Mezzo. 12-15.) 
Bob's second eldest son. He is an intelligent boy and mature beyond his years, prepared to go forth into the world. 

BILLY CRATCHIT (Masc/Femme, RANGE: Tenor/Mezzo. 8-11.) 
Bob's third eldest son. A bit childish in nature. Loud and a bit obnoxious at times. Loves to eat! 

GIRL MARLEY (Femme, RANGE: Soprano. 10-12.) 
Scrooge's childhood best friend. A street urchin, and a bit of a tyrant. Out for blood. 

GIRL FAN (Femme, RANGE: Mezzo-Soprano. 13-15.) 
Scrooge's older sister. Motherly and supportive of Scrooge's ambitions. She promises her that 'her time will come.' 

CHILDREN'S ENSEMBLE (Any, RANGE: Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor. 4-15.) 
Townsfolk, partygoers, wandering spirits. 





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