You Can't take it with you

March 1st- 4th, 2018 

at the Cambridge Arts Theatre 

By Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman
Directed by Lori Distel 

Penny Sycamore: Shannon Looby *
Essie Carmichael: Sydney Schott
Rheba: Amelia Reanne Castromayor *
Paul Sycamore: Alex Woodward-Herborth
Mr. De Pinna: Ethan O'Krafka
Ed Carmichael: Jerad Lawrence *
Donald: Adam Bullock * 
Martin 'Grandpa' Vanderhof: CJ Gerigs
Alice Sycamore: Piper Jillian
Wilbur C. Henderson: Drake Tucker
Tony Kirby: Zachary Larsen
Boris Kolenkhov: Iain Smith *
Gay Wellington: Danielle Dunn
Anthony W. Kirby: Klaas Raymond
Miriam Kirby: Kaleigh Wiens
The Man: Moises Ruiz *
The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina: Hannah Dunn

Alexander Reed: Pianist
Darrell Cadieux: Percussion *
Gavin Warren: Bass Clarinet 

* = P&P Debut. 

meet the cast

Shannon Looby: Penny Sycamore
Sydney Schott: Essie Carmichael
Amelia Reanne Castromayor: Rheba
Alex Woodward-Herborth:Paul Sycamore
Ethan O'Krafka: Mr. De Pinna
Jerad Lawrence: Ed Carmichael
Adam Bullock: Donald
CJ Gerigs: 'Grandpa' Vanderhof
Piper Jillian: Alice Sycamore
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Photos by C the World Photography

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the media

YCTIWY: 30 Second Promo

YCTIWY: Official trailer

YCTIWY: Ask An Actor

YCTIWY: The Cast Unmasked

YCTIWY: On Stage Promo

the reviews

"Saw this show on Thursday and I was blown away by how talented this cast is wonderful chemistry great actors and an incredible set make this hilarious show a must see. Great job Penny and Pound and your awesome cast. Almost forgot a live three piece orchestra played beautifully throughout the show." 

Keith Chambers, Facebook. 

"An entertaining show that reminds us all that quirky families are the norm and can be a place where love abounds."

Shelley Stone, Facebook 

"A great group of very talented actors who made me laugh at all the jokes!! I would love to see it again and again (even though I saw it 3 times)... but still, it was THAT GOOD!!! Shoutout to Lori Robinson Distel & Corina for another phenomenal production. Looking forward to seeing many more like this in the future!" 

Easton Barendregt, Facebook

"So glad I went and took in some local theatre, the whole cast was excellent and Grandpa (CJ Gerigs) was that bit extra we all need in a show!"

Nubelia Sousa, Facebook 

"Alice (Piper Jillian) absolutely blew me away. The chemistry between herself and the young man who played Tony (Zachary Larsen) was like something out of a 40s romance flick." 

Jane Kerby, Facebook 

"I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed being there last night. I never once had the urge to pick up my phone. I haven't been to live theatre like this in ages. Thank you for putting this together!" 

Natasha Bilodeau, Facebook 

"Such a great performance! Great night out! So funny! Loved the story, set, cast, and band! Bravo everyone!"

Jenipher Jasper, Instagram 

"Family Matters." 

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