A Christmas Carol: Radio Play

December 1st - 2nd, 2017
BROADCAST: December 16th, 24th, 2017

By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Piper Jillian
Directed by Lori Distel and Corina Dunn

at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts 


Charles Dickens/Ebenezer Scrooge: Iain Smith *
Bob Cratchit: Justin Vollrath
Jacob Marley: Ethan O'Krafka
Ghost of Christmas Past: Danielle Dunn
Ghost of Christmas Present: Jordie Burrell
Nephew Fred/Young Scrooge: Michael Pinho
Emily Cratchit: Kyrah Smith
Tiny Tim: Chloe Distel
Martha Cratchit: Zoe Benavidez
Peter Cratchit: Morgan Isherwood **
Belinda Cratchit: Jaida Smith
Sara Cratchit/Belle's Eldest: Emily Smith **
Clara: Ruby Cudney
Belle/Maid: Karina Smith
Fan/Gentlewoman: Rachel Zehr
Topper/Gentleman: Alex Woodward-Herborth
Fezziwig/Old Joe: CJ Gerigs
Mrs. Fezziwig/Midwife/Anne/Laundress: Kaleigh Wiens
Belle's Husband/Undertaker: Klaas Raymond
Belle's Youngest/Boy: Kayley Peacock **

Carollers: Piper Jillian, Jeremy Vandenhelm,
Steve Robinson *, Lori Distel
Fiddler: Kaitlin Cook *
Pianist: Alexander Reed *
Narrator: Corina Dunn 

* = P&P Debut.  **  = P&P Junior Debut

meet the cast

Iain Smith: Scrooge/Dickens
Justin Vollrath: Bob Cratchit
Danielle Dunn: Past
Jordie Burrell: Present
Ethan O'Krafka: Jacob Marley
Michael Pinho: Fred/Young Scrooge
Kyrah Smith: Emily Cratchit
Chloe Distel: Tiny Tim
Zoe Benavidez: Martha Cratchit
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Photos by Darrell Cadieux Photography

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A Christmas Carol: Radio Play
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"The future is what you make of it..." 

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