The Spirits of MallOWe'en

October 29th, 2015

Written by Piper Jillian, Corina Dunn and
Kyrah Smith
Directed by Lori Distel and Corina Dunn


at the Cambridge Centre Mall


Cody (Mall Rat): Matteo Faustini
Becky (Mall Rat): Jaida Smith 
The Hockey Player: Calvin Downey
Hygienist: Hannah Dunn
The Head: Jordan Sabola
The Poltergeist: Piper Jillian
The Sad Girl in the Painting: Kyrah Smith
Sally (Shoestore Squabble): Caressalyn Kelland
Stacy (Shoestore Squabble): Emily Wettlaufer

the gallery

On Stage 

Photos by Denise Kershaw 

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