The Canterville Ghost

October 28th - 30th, 2016

By Oscar Wilde
Adapted by Tim Kelly
Directed by Corina Dunn 

at the Cambridge Arts Theatre 


Sir Simon de Canterville: Brennan Robinson *
Virginia Washington: Karina Smith *
Horace Otis: Jordie Burrell
Lucy Otis: Taylor Ottmann *
Pam Otis: Jaida Smith
Wendy Otis: Ruby Cudney *
Madame Balaklava: Amy Cameron *
Mrs. Umney: Madelena Byrnell *
Jennie: Emily Norrish *
Weeds: Cameron Martin *
The Vicar Dampier: CJ Gerigs
Lord Cecil: Sebastien Williams
Lady Canterville: Danielle Dunn *
Mrs. Dampier: Annie Dale 
Martin the Maniac: Jeremy Vandenhelm *
Hester the Horrid: Jay LeBlanc
Lady Joan the Graveless: Hannah Dunn
Vampire Duchess: Kyrah Smith
Mrs. Musgrave: Piper Jillian
Mrs. Midwinter: Mya Cudney *

* = P&P Debut. 

meet the cast

Brennan Robinson: Sir Simon
P&P: Debut.
ELSEWHERE: Macbeth in Macbeth (Stratford Shakespeare School); Herr. Zeller in Sound of Music, Car-Ma (GCVI); Twelfth Night (Guelph Music.)
Karina Smith: Virginia Washington
P&P: Debut.
ELSEWHERE: The March Hare in Alice in Wonderland (PHS Drama); Member of the Preston High School Improv Troupe.
Jordie Burrell: Horace Otis
P&P: Ezekiel Cheever in The Crucible (2015/2016.)
ELSEWHERE: Section 225, Rundown (PHS Drama); Member of the Preston High School Improv Troupe.
Taylor Ottmann: Lucy Otis
P&P: Debut.
ELSEWHERE: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin (ActOut KW); Anne of Green Gables, Cha-Cha in Grease (Believe Music Theatre); Annie (If the Shoe Fits.)
Jaida Smith: Pam Otis
P&P: Betty Parris in The Crucible, Milky White in Into the Woods (2015/2016.)
ELSEWHERE: Alice in Wonderland (CCP); Saving Grave (ITOPA.)
Ruby Cudney: Wendy Otis
P&P: Debut.
ELSEWHERE: Alice in Alice in Wonderland, Vaudeville! (CCP); The 50s Show (CCFTA.)
Amy Cameron: Madame Balaklava
P&P: Debut.
ELSEWHERE: The Brothers Grimm Spectacularthon (Sears Drama Festival 2016/Glenview Arts.)
Madelena Byrnell: Mrs. Umney
P&P: Debut.
ELSEWHERE: Annie in Annie, Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast, Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz (CCFTA); Goat/Griffin in Alice in Wonderland (CCP.)
Emily Norrish: Jennie
P&P: Debut.
ELSEWHERE: Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz (Great Big Theatre Company.)
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Photos by Tim Burrell 

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Character Portraits


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The Canterville Ghost:
Official Trailer

The Canterville Ghost:
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"Being scary ain't like it used to be.."

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