A Nightingale Sang:
A New Musical in Concert

Saturday, May 4th, 2019

at The Cambridge Arts Theatre 

Romani-Jew Gaelleon Pfeiffer, born of sin and disappointment into a world that can only see the colour of his olive skin, finds himself on the wrong side of Poland's Nazi Invasion. 

In a twist of fate, Gael is reunited with his childhood best friend, Cary Schoenberg- now a high-ranking SS official who entangles him in a white lie and an irrefutable job offer that becomes a matter of life or death. 

Inspired by stories from 'Leszno Street-' The Broadway of the Warsaw Ghetto, A Nightingale Sang is breathtaking, heartbreaking and deeply inspirational. 

'A Nightingale Sang' has been specifically altered for this concert. Proceeds from this concert will go towards our Summer 2019 musical, Once Upon a Mattress.

Music and Lyrics by Lori Robinson Distel
Book and Original Concept by Piper J. Distel 
Orchestral Arrangements by Alexander Reed

Directed by Lori Robinson Distel
Conducted by Chris Clarke

A NIGHTINGALE SANG is the property of Lori and Piper Distel. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


Flute... Christopher Austin 
Clarinet... Ann Murdocca

Violin 1... Billy Bao 
Violin 2... Jessica Kwong
Cello... Kathryn Krasucki 

Keys I... Gregory Gibson 
Keys II... Hanisha Kulothparen



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On Stage

Photos by: Danielle Dunn


On Stage 

Photos by: Anais Henze


In Rehearsals 

Photos by: C the World Photography


The reviews


Korta M., Facebook

"... a wonderful evening seeing the outstanding performance of
"A Nightingale Sang."

Anonymous, square.com

"One of my favourite shows {P&P} has put on!"

Sebastian S., Facebook

"Truly phenomenal premiere." 

Karen M., Facebook

"It was beautiful!!! Wish I could buy the soundtrack." 

Reanne C., Facebook


Pauline G., Facebook

"What an incredible show!" 

Stephen Y., Facebook

"Only praise and pride for everyone involved!" 

Rhonda L., Facebook

"It was a great show with such amazing talent on stage." 

Jean M., Facebook

"A hearty well done and great debut to Lori Robinson Distel, Piper J. Distel and the rest of the cast and crew of Penny & Pound's A Nightingale Sang." 

David T., Facebook

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