The hunchback of notre dame

July 5th- 8th, 2018 

at the Cambridge Arts Theatre 

Music by Alan Menken 
Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz 

Directed by Lori Distel 
Conducted by Alexander Reed 

Quasimodo: Cullen- McArthur Jackson * 
Dom Claude Frollo: Jeremy Vandenhelm 
Esmeralda: Piper Jillian
Phoebus de Martin: Justin Vollrath 
Clopin Trouillefou: Hannah Dunn 
Jehan Frollo: Zackary Evans Whitley *
Frederic Charlus/Ensemble: Ethan O'Krafka 
Father Dupin/St. Aphrodisius/Ensemble: Samuel Reeves *
Florika/Dance Captain/Ensemble: Sydney Schott 
King Louis XI/Ensemble: Zachary Thorne 
Tribunal/Ensemble: Michael Pinho 
Madam/Ensemble: Kathleen Stevens * 

Amanda Dreher 
Chloe Distel 
Amy Harris * 
Given Harris * 
Hollen Hughes * 
Jay LeBlanc
Charleigh Perry * 
Joseph Dominic Thomson * 

Madelena Byrnell 
Danielle Dunn 
Heather Firlotte 
Morgan Isherwood 
Cameron Martin 
Jaimie-Lynn Rocha * 
Kaleigh Wiens 

Sarah Jane Dick, Jessica Hamilton, Alysse Sailor, Kristina Twilt, Jennifer Ball, 
Jessy Halma, Sarah Stapleton, Beth Wolf, Graham De'ath,

Zackary Evans Whitley, Hugh Sutherland, Mark Fioravanti, James Wu. 

REEDS: Erin Moffat, David Rose, Gavin Warren. 
KEYS: Christopher Clarke, Jim Hann, Grace Peters. 
BRASS: Alyssa De'ath (Horn), Jonathan Hancock (Trumpet I), Danielle Grundy (Trumpet II), CJ Gerigs (Euphonium.) 

* = P&P Debut. 

meet the cast

the gallery

Cullen- McArthur Jackson

Jeremy Vandenhelm
Dom Claude Frollo

2nd Season.
Piper Jillian

3rd Season.
Justin Vollrath
Phoebus de Martin

3rd Season.
Hannah Dunn
Clopin Trouillefou.

3rd Season.
Zackary Evans Whitley
Jehan Frollo.

Ethan O'Krafka
Frederic Charlus/Ensemble.

2nd Season.
Samuel Reeves
Father Dupin/St. Aphrodisius/Ensemble.

Sydney Schott
Florika/Dance Captain/Ensemble.

2nd Season.
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Photos by C the World Photography

the gallery

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Ask An Actor: 
Cullen- McArthur Jackson

the reviews

"It’s probably the best show they’ve ever put on, by far!! They are showcasing so much talent, it’s incredible!" 

Easton B. via Facebook 

"This was a spectacular production. One day left - a must see. Go on Sunday if you can." (Five Stars on Facebook!) 

Paul D. via Facebook 

"It was soooo good!" 

Jennifer M. via Facebook 

"Awesome performance!" 

Lucy L. via Facebook 

"Amazing! So glad I got to it Friday night!" 

Deanne B. via Facebook 

"The girls and I are so glad we were able to attend a performance. What incredible talent from all of the actors. And director too. You should all be proud of yourselves. Looking forward to whatever Penny and Pound has in store next."

Heather H. via Facebook 

"What makes a monster? What makes a man?"

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