October 26th - 29th, 2017

Directed and Adapted by Corina Dunn 

at the Cambridge Arts Theatre 


Count Dracula: Alex Woodward-Herborth *
Abraham Van Helsing: Jeremy Vandenhelm 
Jonathan Harker: Michael Pinho 
Lucy Westenra: Kyrah Smith
Mina Murray: Rachel Zehr
Dr. John Seward: Klaas Raymond
Renfield: Ethan O'Krafka
Quincey Morris: Isaac Mapp 
Arthur Holmwood: Zachary Larsen *
Landlady/Sister Agatha: Madelena Byrnell
Attendant: Danielle Dunn 
Dark Sisters: Hannah Dunn, Jaida Smith, Zoe Benavidez *
Driver/Attendant/Szgany: Drake Tucker *
The Child: Chloe Distel

Also Featuring: Cameron Martin, Jay LeBlanc

* = P&P Debut. 

meet the cast

Alex Woodward- Herborth: Dracula
P&P: Debut. ELSEWHERE: Hades in Heart of Hell (KCI.) AWARDS: The Island Doctor Award (2015); The Acoustic Thunder Award (2016); The Leading Man Award (2017.) UPCOMING: Topper/Gentleman/Belle's Husband in A Christmas Carol: Radio Play (P&P. Dec 2017.) Alex would like to thank his parents, and drama teacher at KCI for all their love and support. "It's pronounced, Dracula..."
Jeremy Vandenhelm: Van Helsing
P&P: Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, Martin the Maniac in The Canterville Ghost (2016/2017.) ELSEWHERE: Cinderella's Prince/Wolf in Into the Woods, Georgia: A New Musical (Theatre Sheridan); Beast/Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast (St. Michael's.) TRAINING: Graduate of Sheridan College's Performing Arts Preperation Program (2015-2016.) UPCOMING: Caroler/Narrator in A Christmas Carol: Radio Play (P&P. Dec 2017.)
Michael Pinho: Jonathan Harker
P&P: Fauchelvant/Combeferre/Claquesous/Ensemble in Les Miserables (2016/2017.) ELSEWHERE: Louis the Snake in Ace (Sears Drama Festival 2017); Louis the Snake in Ace, 12 Angry Jurors (Doyle Drama.) UPCOMING: Nephew Fred/Young Scrooge in A Christmas Carol: Radio Play (P&P. Dec 2017.) "Thanks to Victoria, Mom and a special thanks to Dad."
Kyrah Smith: Lucy Westenra
P&P: Madame Thenardier in Les Miserables, Vampire Duchess in The Canterville Ghost (2016/2017); Diana Barry in Anne of Green Gables, Tituba in The Crucible, The Spirits of MallOWe'en, Granny/Giant in Into the Woods (2015/2016.) ELSEWHERE: Sally in Yes, Sally There is a Santa Claus, Francis in All I Really Need to Know... Bad Play, Alice in Wonderland (CCP); Saving Grave (Ingersoll Performing Arts.)UPCOMING: Emily Cratchit in A Christmas Carol: Radio Play (P&P. Dec 2017.)
Rachel Zehr: Mina Murray
P&P: Les Miserables (2016/2017.) ELSEWHERE: Preston High School Concert Choir (PHS Music); Synergy 2017 (PHS Drama.) UPCOMING: Fan in A Christmas Carol: Radio Play (P&P. Dec 2017.) "I am happy to be back at Penny & Pound for my second production. Many thanks to my family, friends and the company of Dracula for all of their support."
Klaas Raymond: Dr. John Seward
P&P: Bamatabois/Feuilly/Ensemble in Les Miserables (2016/2017); Wolf/Steward in Into the Woods (2015/2016.) ELSEWHERE: Moody MacPherson in Anne of Green Gables: The Musical (St. Mary's Community Players.) UPCOMING: The Ghost of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol: Radio Play (P&P. Dec 2017.)"Thanks, and much love to Cam Oates."
Ethan O'Krafka: Renfield
P&P: Joly/Brujon/Ensemble in Les Miserables, Curley in Of Mice and Men (2016/2017.) ELSEWHERE: Wild Boy in Just B., Father in 28 Minutes (PHS Drama); Wild Boy in Just B. (Sears Drama Festival 2017.) AWARDS: Best Ensemble Work (Sears Drama Festival 2017.) UPCOMING: Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol: Radio Play (P&P. Dec 2017.) "I would like to thank my family, my beautiful girlfriend Rachel, and Penny & Pound Theatre Productions. Rats, rats, rats!"
Isaac Mapp: Quincey Morris
P&P: Crooks in Of Mice and Men (2016/2017.) ELSEWHERE: Racism, Synergy 2016 (PHS Drama.)
Zachary Larsen: Arthur Holmwood
P&P: Debut. ELSEWHERE: Society in Just B. (Sears Drama Festival 2017); Father in The Turkey, Society in Just B. (PHS Drama.) Member of The Preston High School Improv Troupe (2016-) "I'm going to be honest, this is my first time writing one of these and I only want to thank my idol, John Mulaney."
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Photos by Danielle Dunn and Six Finger Photography.

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DRACULA: 30 Second Promo

DRACULA: Official trailer

DRACULA: meet the cast 

DRACULA: Fast Five Facts

DRACULA: On Stage Promo

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"A joy to see for many reasons." 

Elenor Bee, YouTube

"Loved it!" 

Julie Stone, Facebook 

"An amazing show!" 

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Isaac Mapp: Quincey Morris

P&P: Crooks in Of Mice and Men (2016/2017.) ELSEWHERE: Racism, Synergy 2016 (PHS Drama.)