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In September 2019, Penny & Pound Theatre Productions was shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of longtime supporter, Hugh Sutherland. 

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A lifelong lover of the theatre, Hugh knew the real life value of the incomparable skills developed through the theatre arts. 
Hugh was an actor, singer, storyteller, pupeteer and most notably, a mentor of young people. Hugh's constant support and passion has inspired countless young performers to pursue their dreams. 
It was Hugh's greatest wish that every young person- regardless of background or experience- could have the opportunity to learn and perform. Donations made towards
The Hugh Sutherland Memorial Fund will help to make our theatre accessible to all performers who yearn to build confidence and follow their passions- just as Hugh did. 



Hugh Sutherland and Ayden Elworthy in 'Into the Woods,' 2015

Donations made towards The Hugh Sutherland Memorial Fund

help to alleviate costs associated with producing our high-quality theatrical productions. These costs include, but are not limited to: 
- Venue rental 
- Licensing 
- Insurance 
- Costuming 
- Marketing 
- Tech equiptment 
- And more! 

Due to the high volume of costs associate with producing full-scale presentations, Penny & Pound Theatre Productions is forced to charge a show fee for participants. Show fees range from $80-$450, depending on the required expenses per production, inhibiting young people from lower-income homes and backgrounds from experiencing the magic and power of live theatre. Donations towards The Hugh Sutherland Memorial Fund will help us to greatly reduce or eliminate these show fees, granting Hugh's wish to allow all young people- regardless of financial barriers- to take part in the life changing and empowering world of the theatrical arts. 



Each dollar donated to The Hugh Sutherland Memorial Fund takes us one step closer to our goal of becoming Waterloo Region's premiere, fee-free theatre company for youth and young adults. 
Each donor will be promintently featured on our social media, website and in our virtual playbills.
Every little bit helps! Please consider donating down below. 


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