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Penny & Pound Theatre Productions is pleased to present a first-- a virtual one-act play festival, available for all audiences to watch from the comfort of their homes, from all over the world!

FOURTEEN by Alice Gerstenberg 

Mrs. Pringle is preparing to host a dinner party to introduce her daughter, Elaine, to the city's most eligible bachelor, Oliver Farnsworth. Illness and a blizzard force some guests to cancel and the three characters are compelled to try to salvage the evening and the dinner-table layout. | Comedy- CONTENT WARNING: Alcohol use.

TRIFLES by Susan Glaspell 
John Wright is dead and his wife, Minnie is the chief suspect for the murder. While she is held in town, The Sheriff, County Attorney, and Mr. Hale- a neighbouring farmer who discovered the grisly deed- have returned to the Wright's farmhouse to investigate. Accompanying them are the Sheriff's and Mr. Hale's wives, whose mission is to collect a few things for the imprisoned woman. Will they discover the truth while worrying over what the men see as trifles?  | Drama/Thriller - CONTENT WARNING: Multiple mentions of violence.

THE TWELVE POUND LOOK by Sir James M. Barrie 
Harry Sims is soon to be knighted. Another honour in a long line of honours and success that characterize his life. There is only one blot on his record: his ex-wife. And she is about to spoil his morning. | Comedy

THE VALIANT by Robert Middlemass and Holworthy Hall 
James Dyke is about to be executed for murder. He freely confessed to the crime, but will not confess to his true identity. Warden Holt and Father Daly, who have grown fond of the prisoner, try one more time to get him to open up. A young woman convinces the governor to let her visit Dyke to see if he is her long-lost brother. | Drama - CONTENT WARNING: Prison setting, multiple mentions of violence, smoking

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DIRECTED by Corina Dunn

FOURTEEN by Alice Gerstenberg

Reanne Castromayor
Miss Pringle 

Melissa Ruegg

Piper J. Distel

TRIFLES by Susan Glaspell 

Danielle Dunn
Mrs. Hale

MJ Lumsdale
Mrs. Peters

Mathieu Preston
Sheriff Peters 

Matt Lindow 
Mr. Hale

Bryan Rush
Mr. Henderson 

THE TWELVE-POUND LOOK by Sir James M. Barrie 

Mathieu Preston
Sir Harry Simms

Hannah Dunn

Emily Schnurr
Lady Simms

Matt Lindow

THE VALIANT by Holworthy Hall and Robert Middlemass

Bryan Rush
James Dyke 

Hannah Dunn

Mathieu Preston
Warden Holt

Matt Lindow
Father Daly

Danielle Dunn
Attendant Wilson 

Eric Reda 
The Jailer 




Hale's Testimony, 'Trifles' |
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